Why join?

Joining the AAUP says that you value academic freedom in higher education, that you believe faculty involvement in university governance is important, and that faculty must be able to influence the conditions for their work. Joining the AAUP supports research on these issues, the creation of educational resources that can be used at the local level, and access to national and state experts who can help us advocate for faculty at the local level. 

Joining the AAUP helps to strengthen our local chapter so that we may provide educational and advocacy opportunities for all faculty at Doane.  The national dues structure is tiered based on income from academic work, so that even adjunct instructors should find an economically workable way to join. 

How To Join

To join AAUP, go to the Join/Renew page on the national AAUP website (link provided below), click on Join, and when presented with the opportunity to join a local chapter, choose “Doane College” (our institutional name change has not been performed yet by the national office). 

National AAUP Join/Renew Page

After joining, it would be helpful to notify the Doane Chapter Secretary/Treasurer, Cali Biaggi (cali dot biaggi at doane dot edu), to ensure that you are added to our local email list.