Promoting Economic Security

Faculty supporting improved working conditions
Credit: Laura Markwardt/AAUP

Economic status and security of the faculty is not an issue that is independent of academic freedom and shared governance, and because it is interwoven with those two issues, economic security deserves special focus. One example of work done by the AAUP at the national level is the Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession. This report uses data from the AAUP’s annual Faculty Compensation Survey, with supplemental data from other sources, and provides analysis with a special focus on how the economic status is affecting academic freedom and shared governance. This information on what is happening nationally provides an important tool for Doane faculty while planning for our own future.

The Doane AAUP Chapter has historically provided a key impetus for pressure to achieve gender equity in compensation. We are currently looking at ways to improve compensation for our adjunct faculty. 

If you are interested in working on economic security issues then contact Brian Pauwels (Doane Directory Listing).