Welcome To The Doane AAUP Chapter

Welcome to the website of the Doane University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors. This site provides information on advocacy efforts by the chapter and the national organization to promote academic freedom, enhance shared governance, and improve work conditions for faculty of all ranks and statuses.

We welcome faculty of all ranks and statuses to join us in our efforts to enhance academic life at Doane University.

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Doane Bell Tower
Credit: Kristen Hetrick

Recent Blog Posts

  • Doane AAUP Meet & Greet
    It’s time for the Doane Chapter of AAUP to begin its work for the 2022-23 academic year. Our first priority is to get more faculty involved, since what we do as a chapter depends entirely on the interests and energy of the membership. If you are in Crete today, Friday, September 23, then drop by […]
  • April News from the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska
    A new issue of the AFCON Sentinel just came out and gives some April News from the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska.  Vicki Wood, President-elect of AFCON, reproduces her statement to the Nebraska State Board of Education concerning attacks on teachers and school librarians accusing them of providing obscene materials to children. Her statement emphasized […]
  • Nebraska Legislature Moves to Limit Academic Freedom
    In the current 2022 legislative session, Nebraska joined 36 other states to introduce an academic gag order that would apply to public schools and public postsecondary institutions. These attacks on academic freedom seek to forbid teaching about race and sex in ways that suggest any systemic or historic problems in American culture with respect to […]
  • Preparing for the Next Challenge
    The Doane community recently went through a challenging experience described benignly as Academic Prioritization. The administration, trustees, and Academic Strategy Partners consultants described the process as a collaboration between all stakeholders. They stated that the goals were to establish a ranking of academic and administrative programs that would eliminate or reduce enough programs to eliminate […]